Timothy Buckwalter’s vision

 Installation view: Cliff Hengst, wall drawing (in progress), acrylic paint on wall.

 Installation view: Timothy Buckwalter, Sharon Butler, John Zurier, Mia Brown.

Installation view: Elaine Bradford, Elaine Bradford, Danny Thach.
Installation view:  John Zurier, Timothy Buckwalter, Timothy Buckwalter, Sharon Butler, Willie Harris.

 Installation view: John Zurier, Chris Ashley, Sharon Butler, Jeremy Burleson
 Installation view: Chris Ashley, Sharon Butler, Jeremy Burleson, John Zurier, Dorian Reid.

 Installation view: Mia Brown, Timothy Buckwalter.

 Installation view: Jeremy Burleson, Sharon Butler, Shirley How, Mia Brown,  Jeremy Burleson, Lacee King.

Installation view:  Lacee King, Katy Stone

 Installation view: Chris Ashley, Willie Harris, James Aarons , Danny Thach, Lois Ann Barnett

Twist and Crawl,” the first of a three-part exhibition curated by artist Timothy Buckwalter, blends more than 30 works culled from artists and galleries across the country with those by artists from the National Institute of Art and Disabilities studio program. Buckwalter, who has organized a thought-provoking installation, calls the exhibition “a preview of a future in which work by artists who have been diagnosed with disabilities is viewed in the same light as work by those without disabilities.”  I was pleased when Tim invited me to participate. I lent a few small paintings from the 2008-09 Habitat series.  

For more than 25 years, NIAD�s 50?plus artists have been creating art that engages current conversations in contemporary art. Beginning in Spring 2011, along with the two studio programs also supporting disabled artists (Creative Growth and Creativity Explored), NIAD will be the subject of a traveling exhibition organized by Lawrence Rinder and Matthew Higgs for the Berkeley Art Museum.

Life of The World To Come: Twist and Crawl,” National Institute of Art and Disabilities studio program, Richmond, CA. Through March 16, 2011. Artists include: James Aarons, Chris Ashley, Lois Ann Barnett, Elaine Bradford, Mia Brown, Jeremy Burleson, Timothy Buckwalter, Sharon Butler, Willie Harris, Cliff Hengst, Shirley How, Lacee King, Dorian Reid, Katy Stone, Danny Thach, John Zurier

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