Worlds collide: Larry David in Chelsea

The other day I went to Chelsea to check out “Making Sense,” Jen Dalton�s Saltzy exhibition at the Flag Art Foundation, when I ran into comic genius/ conceptual artist Larry David. Completely unprepared for the early-afternoon downpour, I had no raincoat or umbrella, and Larry, wearing gobs of pancake makeup and a hooded plastic slicker, had a hovering, umbrella-wielding assistant pushing him forward while shielding him from the driving rain.

�Hey Larry!� I blurted as we passed.
�Hello!� he shouted, turning slightly (perhaps trying to initiate a stop-and-chat?) but I kept moving due to the deluge. The neighborhood was lined with film production trailers, a buffet was set up under a tent outside Betty Cuningham (sensitive Rackstraw Downes charcoal studies on toothy tinted paper, btw) and Moti Hasson�s old space on 25th Street had been fenced off for the shoot. According to signs taped to the trucks, they were filming an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” David�s exquisitely mean-spirited, darkly funny show on HBO.

Down the street when I passed Jeff Garlin, who plays Larry�s ever-enabling agent/sidekick, I dopily thanked them for including the art world in an episode. But then I began to worry: what kind of twisted plotline would bring Larry to a gallery in Chelsea, and more importantly, what kind of outlandish skewering is in store? No doubt it will be unimaginably humiliating and hilarious all at once. I�m looking forward.

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  1. Let us count the art forms the great man has already skewered in 'CYE': musical theater, cooking, obituary writing …

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