The beautiful and bizarre, organic and toxic at Elizabeth Harris

The exhibition catalogue for Carolanna Parlato’s show at Elizabeth Harris.
 Carolanna Parlato, “wind break,” 2009, acrylic on canvas, 40x 30�
I just received the exhibition catalogue for “Vortical,” Carolanna Parlato’s exhibition at Elizabeth Harris. Here’s an excerpt from Charlotta Kotik’s perceptive essay. 
“The very beginning of abstraction are associated with the deconstruction of landscape imagery. Parlato seems to have chosen a related path, venturing from the realm of the factual toward the world of pure illusion. Hers is a quest to respond visually to a contemporary universe where the natural and the man made, beautiful and bizarre, organic and toxic meet in an ever-increasing layers of exalted reality.
“Technological advancements in the recent past have profoundly altered our perception of the world through the unrelenting barrage of instantly accessible information. We have been made keenly aware of minute details in the structure of ordinary matter as well as the varied characteristics of cosmic bodies and interstellar spaces. The eerie beauty of images which stream around the globe appeals to Parlato’s sensibility, becoming a catalyst for subsequent painterly exploration, it’s conceptual underpinning…”
Carolanna Parlato: Vortical,” Elizabeth Harris, New York, NY. Through March 13. 
Also on view at Elizabeth Harris: “Scott Richter: New Work” 
Scott Richter,” The Stoning of St. Stephen,”2008, oil paint, medium on carpet, 15 x 17 1/2″

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  1. Yes! Another kicking pair of shows at E. Harris. I elated by Carolanna Parlato's new work. Such powerful control of technique and understanding of color. Visceral, personal, organic, dynamic and more, it was very easy to connect with this work. Congrats to the artist!

  2. Agreed–looks like an amazing show. Hope I get a chance to see it. : )

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