Hyperallergic, Jason Andrew, Brooke Moyse, and me

On Hrag Vartanian’s new blog, Hyperallergic, I contributed a short interview with Jason Andrew this week about Jack Tworkov and the New York School. Andrew is the curator and archivist for the Estate of Jack Tworkov and was the mastermind behind the recent retrospective of Jack Tworkov�s work � the final show at the UBS Art Gallery. A prominent figure in the Bushwick art scene, Andrew is also the founding director of Norte Maar, which encourages, promotes, and supports collaborations in the arts. Go to Hyperallergic to read the interview.

Brooke Moyse, “Forest M.E. 2009, oil on canvas, 60 x54.”

At Norte Maar this month, Andrew has installed paintings by Bushwick artist Brooke Moyse.  Moyse makes thinly painted landscapes with the slightest hint of horizon.”Many of the paintings develop around a specific historical work of art.” Moyse writes in her statement. “Recent examples include Nicolas Poussin, John Constables, Giovanni Bellini, Hans Holbein, and Lawrence Weiner. Light and space are represented symbolically as a way of presenting the individual experience that comes out of a search for physical environment, personal meaning, and life.”

The Other Side: New Paintings by Brooke Moyse,” Norte Maar, Brooklyn, NY. through Nov. 21, 2009.

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  1. ever see paintings you like so much and feel such a connection with that they fill you with resentment?

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