Up for adoption

I recently joined the Fine Art Adoption Network, one of Adam Simon’s ongoing experiments to develop alternative strategies for art distribution. Today I put these two pieces, color studies made during my Habitat For Artists residency, up for adoption:

The goals of FAAN are to place artworks by committed artists into deserving homes and institutions, as well as to offer a channel for new audiences for contemporary art. FAAN wants to engage art enthusiasts who never thought of themselves as art collectors, and to introduce them to the experience and pleasures of owning and caring for contemporary art. Much of the artwork in FAAN was created by artists who have widely exhibited in museums and galleries. Yet, these artists have chosen to present their artwork here because it has the potential to generate a unique relationship with new audiences. As much as artists want to sell their work, we also want to communicate with others and have an impact on the lives of our audience.

Go check out the FAA Network and adopt some art today.

UPDATE (10/24/09, 10am): One of these pieces has already been placed with an artist/family in the Bay Area.
UPDATE (10/27/09): I just posted “Color 1,” the painting pictured below on FAAN.


  1. hi sharon,

    i'm a reader of your site and fan of your work. i was excited that you'd put some pieces on the FAAN site. i sent a note earlier this week about adopting a piece. it would be a thrill to have one of your paintings. i really like the newest one you've added to the site.

    could you see if my email may have ended up in your spam folder and get back to me? i'd be grateful.

    thomas drymon

  2. I love the first one. I didn't know FAAn, that's a great project.

  3. A truly great project. I would like to learn more!

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