Song Kun’s paintings emerge from a fog

Song Kun,”New Yorker,” 2008, oil on canvas, 17 3/4″ x 23 3/4″

On the LA Times blog, Christopher Knight reports that Beijing painter Song Kun joins Vija Celmins, Gerhard Richter in the 1960s, Ellen Phelan in the 1980s, and Luc Tuymans as a painter of fuzzy, blissed-out, monochromes. “The effect is dreamlike and vaguely ominous. It encourages close scrutiny of disjointed vistas that refuse to coalesce and fully disclose themselves. Song paints in grays, whites and sepia tones, with only hints of lifelike color rising from the surface, like a vision emerging from fog. A sense of unrelieved estrangement separates the artist (and the viewer) from the quotidian world recorded in the pictures.” This is her first US solo show.  Read more. 

Song Kun: Seeking the Recluse But Not Meeting,” Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Through October 29.


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