Artist residency looking for applicants in Portland

According to D.K. Row at The Oregonian, the artist condo enclave in Montavilla, Milepost 5, is looking for artist residency applicants. Deadline for applications was recently extended from June 30 to July 15. “According to Milepost 5’s Web site, the visiting artist for the program gets to live for free in a furnished space for as long as three months. More importantly, during that time, he or she will work with Milepost 5’s creative director on conceptualizing and producing art shows, lectures and other performances intended to expose the progressive artists’ enclave to the larger public. No stipend is awarded to the chosen artist for this program, however. All kinds of artists are welcome to apply. The furnished space can accommodate the artist’s partner, too. (Similarly, the selected artist could be a two-person team.)” To apply, go to Milepost 5’s website and download the application.

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