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Today’s news: Two Coats of Paint is available on Amazon’s e-book, the Kindle. I don’t generally swoon over fancy electronics, but I admit I want one of these babies. During summer residencies, I could load up the Kindle with the books, magazines and newspapers on my reading list and hit the road– so much easier than carrying a sackful of ink-on-paper. NY Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, The Nation, The Atlantic, New Yorker and more are available, and blogs, which cost about 1.99 cents for each subscription, can be downloaded, too. One of my favorite features is the adjustable typesize so that when I forget my reading glasses I can just scale it up. Kindle blog feeds provide full text content and images, and are updated wirelessly throughout the day. The cost of the wireless connection is included in the price, which is about $360. Note that as you read this short ode to the Kindle, the choice of art blogs keeps growing.


  1. Let's see, and over priced device, to read stuff (blogs etc.) you can get for free, and, you don't own the books you buy to download on it, and it can only read the Amazon DRM'd books (yes you can convert PDFs but it's kind of ridiculous).
    I say buy a netbook at about the same price, and get a richer experience, and get digital books elsewhere.
    Amazon is great. it's prices are great, it's music downloads are great. it fell short on the Kindle.

  2. I just subscribed–thanks. By the way, the many charms of the Kindle are better experienced than explained. I had the very same doubts Keith expressed above, and sometimes still do, but caved on the Kindle 2 and it now has a perm place in my life–along with regular books, and other media channels. I particularly love the note-taking and bookmarking–I've been using those tools a LOT in a triptych I'm working on.

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