Warren Buffett says his job is like painting the Sistine Chapel

“I love painting my own painting. I come down to the office, I get on my back, and I start painting. And I think I’m in the Sistine Chapel. It’s my painting. Now, if somebody says, ‘Use more red paint instead of blue. Paint a seascape instead of a landscape,’ I would hand them the brush in five seconds and I’d say-I’d say a few other things, too – but I’d say, ‘Do your own painting. I’ll go paint what I want to paint.’ I get to do my own painting. And then I get applause – if I deserve it. And I like that. I like having the painting admired, and I like to get to paint my own painting. That’s so much more important to me than getting my golf score down three strokes or beating somebody at shuffleboard or something. I mean, it is the ultimate pleasure.” Read more.

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