“Mediocre art in expensive frames”

Two Coats of Paint won’t get to the fairs until tomorrow, and I suspect we’ll love the sheer volume of paintings (a good antidote to the Biennial’s lack thereof), but Paddy Johnson at Art Fag City declares the Armory a snooze. “With even more boring art than usual hanging on fair walls, even those who typically enjoy The Armory Show are likely to find it stale this year. Flowing money may inspire ill considered risk taking, but at least there�s some energy to it. Catering to this year�s more considered collector, galleries bring their safest fan fare; lifeless corporate art variations now stretch across the pier as far the eye can see. Sikkema Jenkins, Lehmann Maupin, and Sean Kelly, was a particularly bad area of real estate, each featuring more than their fare share of mediocre art in expensive frames.” Read more.

Also, check out ArtCal’s special blog coverage of the fairs. And Don’t miss the ArtBloggers@ panel discussion at Red Dot on Sunday.

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