The Neointegrity Manifesto

�NeoIntegrity,� curated by painter Keith Mayerson. Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY. Through Aug. 24.

Holland Cotter in the NYTimes: “Mr. Mayerson explains in a gallery news release that when he was given the go-ahead for the group show, he decided to take the opportunity to start an art movement. He even wrote a position paper for it, The NeoIntegrity Manifesto.’ On the one hand the whole business is send-up, a joke. Movements are a thing of the past, when there was one kind of art and another kind, and that was it. Now there�s so much of so many things that nothing can or needs to be defined. Mr. Mayerson has always been very pro-muchness as an artist, thinker and curator. He embraces it, which is what makes his work feel generous, makes wherever he takes it feel right. Some would say that integrity as a moral quality is also a thing of the past, with the art world swimming in money, pumping out product, ignoring conflicts of interest and so on. Mr. Mayerson�s response is not to scold but to ask, ‘What to do?’ Hence the manifesto, an 11-point declaration that defines art as a humanist endeavor. But each definition comes with a modifying, even contradictory statement. Art should reflect the artist; art should reflect the culture. Art should not be a commodity; but if it is, that�s O.K.” Read more. See images on James Wagner’sblog.

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