Personal Jesus: worshiping Warhol and Haring together

Kurt Shaw reports in the Pittsbrugh Tribune-Review: ” There is a kind of poetic logic in the fact that Warhol and Haring created religiously inspired works at the end of their careers. Haring owned one of Warhol’s Last Supper paintings, and Warhol collaborated with Haring on more than one occasion. But the intertwining of the latter part of both of these artists’ oeuvres in this exhibit is something telling in an overwhelmingly new way.” Read more. “Personal Jesus: The Religious Art Of Keith Haring & Andy Warhol,” Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. Through Sept. 2.

Mary Thomas reports in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Tucked within a broader exhibition at The Andy Warhol Museum is a remarkably good and large selection of works by Keith Haring (1958-1990). Haring, like Warhol, has often been represented one-dimensionally as a graffiti artist known for his inimitable jumpy, reduced, graphic figures. But, like Warhol, his artistic output was more varied and distinguished than what is popularly recognized. And, like Warhol, his personal life was more complex than may be easily encompassed in a sound bite.” Read more.

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