Neo Rauch at the Met

Roberta Smith in the NYTimes: “Mr. Rauch�s dreams may be unlike any dreamed before, but they have not enabled him, as yet, to develop an individual style….The tendency of Mr. Rauch�s paintings to remain an assembly of more or less � or a lot less � interesting parts rather than resolving into convincing wholes is especially overt in these works. Mr. Rauch�s subject may be the discombobulation of modern life, but his convoluted scenes need to make more sense or emit more heat, whether formal or emotional.” Read more.

In theNew Yorker, Peter Schjeldahl on Rauch: “Rauch has also said that his subjects often derive from his dreams, and that the recurrent character types�sensitive young man, bearded older man, chunky young woman, and proletarian, military, or fire-brigade squad�all represent him. Their behavior stymies interpretation, and even curiosity. It can appear not to interest the artist himself very much.” Read more. Slide show.

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