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Group Shows

Savoring medium-rare painting at Subtitled NYC

Contributed by Zach Seeger / The group exhibit “Medium Rare” – on display at Subtitled NYC, a second-floor Greenpoint gallery with a skylight – features paintings by Amanda Ba, Jacob Patrick Brooks, Marcus Civin, Sam Cockrell, Kevin Ford, Annette Hur, and Kate Liebman. It was curated – or rather, prompted – by Jaejoon Jang, who instructed the artists to select examples of what they considered unfinished work. Without knowledge of this specification, it would be difficult for a viewer to consider the pieces unfinished. The overarching cohesiveness of the show makes each one seem resolved. In light of Jang’s command, though, they can also be seen as hovering just outside of the artists’ respective oeuvres, meeting only some of their criteria for finished work.

Solo Shows

Nora Griffin’s defiant valentine to New York

Contributed by Zach Seeger / Nora Griffin’s ostensibly playful, jangled paintings, on display at Fierman West, reflect not only a galvanizing appreciation of the moment but also a deep understanding of art history and its connection to the contemporary zeitgeist. There is a sheer, crude brilliance about them, and it is inspiring.

Solo Shows

Zach Seeger: All glory is fleeting

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Not many good contemporary painters fully embrace sports. The subject is burdened by daunting precedent (George Bellows) and mild cliché (Leroy Neiman). But this century, as social media have enabled athletes to reveal and fans to probe the people behind and beyond the moves, sports have acquired greater social and political resonance, sending a stronger demand signal to artists.

Solo Shows

Hanging on for dear life: Ann Craven at Karma

Contributed by Zach Seeger / Its in the eyes, a teacher told me about a Giacometti painting that hung on the wall in his den. The sitters stare blankly and persistent. We stare back. Ann Cravens current exhibition Animals Birds Flowers Moons at Karma, separated into three locations, is a […]

Solo Shows

Catherine Haggarty�s call to memory

Contributed by Zach Seeger / Catherine Haggarty belongs to a group of New York painters who blossomed between financial crisis of 2008 and the election of Donald Trump in 2016, bracketed by Zombie Formalism and the current wave of figuration. Artists of her vintage tend to be inspired by the […]


Kristen Mills: Plausible hope

Contributed by Zach Seeger / Kristen Mills�s �Believability� is a richly constructed, well-meaning, humorous-but-not installation of videos, sculpted environments, and cacophonous formal musings on the difficulty of personal and professional perseverance in an uncertain time. Just prior to our current collective crises came a burgeoning Chicago Imagist-inspired painting moment, formal […]


Paige Beeber: Transient future

Contributed by Zach Seeger / The novel coronavirus has prompted a slowdown in global commerce. While temporary, it comes at a time of overarching uncertainty in the global art market, with political instability, climate change, and non-Amazon retail suffering. How will artists respond to a shifting world that requires adaptation, […]


Essex Flowers: Waiting to be activated

It saved me once too often,You’d never know how often.I’ve pictured you in coffins:My baby in a coffin.But I love it when you blink your eyes. — Distortions, by Clinic Contributed by Zach Seeger / How do we know we�re still alive? Reverse Marie Kondo: the accumulation of our stuff; […]

Gallery shows

Andrew Woolbright: Shrinebeasts

Contributed by Zach Seeger / In Andrew Woolbright�s current show “Expresso Your Depresso,” at ADA Gallery in Richmond,�Virginia, the artist creates a series of mixed media pieces�that fill the space with exuberant painting and billowing melancholy.�Reminiscent of the imagined ghost ships of Fellini�s Juliette of the Spirits, Woolbright�s paintings are […]