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Lisa Yuskavage on the long, slow read

        This week at Time Out New York in T.J. Carlin’s Studio Visit column, she asks Lisa Yuskavage who or what has most inspired her. Yuskavage reponds that courses she took with art historian and painter Andrew Forge had a big impact on how she approaches painting. […]


Joanne Greenbaum’s story

Joanne Greenbaum’s studio. Courtesy of Anaba.   Joanne Greenbaum,”Untitled 2009,” oil and acrylic on canvas, 80 x 78 inches. Courtesy D’Amelio Terras In Time Out New York, T.J. Carlin talks to Joanne Greenbaum about painting and making the break from a day job. Here’s an excerpt. “After studying painting in undergrad […]


Robert Longo’s 25-foot drawing

In his current show at Metro Pictures, Robert Longo is focused on the shifts of perception that an image can at once evoke and extend in relation to its environment. The centerpiece of the show is a five-panel 25-foot drawing “Untitled (Cathedral of Light),” an image of glaring sunlight flooding […]


“Elizabeth Peyton can really paint”

In Time Out New York T.J. Carlin writes that to paint people is to watch them grow old on an infinitesimally small scale of time, and that sitting for an artist makes the subject incredibly vulnerable. “That is the truth of portraiture and the reason why I�ve been disinclined to […]