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Rita Ackermann’s alternative dimension

Contributed by Jeffrey Grunthaner / Currently on view at MASI Lugano in Lugano, Switzerland, Rita Ackermann’s solo show, “Hidden,” offers a rare melding of museum-oriented historicism with gallery-style directness. Occupying two cavernous rooms in the museum’s bottom floor, the exhibition comprises four bodies of work, ranging from early sketchbook collages prefiguring Ackermann’s iconic “nymph” paintings of the 1990s to more visceral canvases that explore erasure and disappearance. It culminates in three monumental paintings from Ackermann’s most recent series, War Drawings, which recall murals while also resembling magnified pages of an exploded notebook. 


Rita Ackermann’s Texas diary

As part of the Artist-in-Residence program at The Chinati Foundation, Rita Ackermann packed her bags, headed to Texas and chronicled her adventures with gun smugglers, drug lords and a dog named Mouse for BlackBook. “I only brought with me one drawing to work on. It has a cave painting�like simplicity […]


NY TImes Art in Review: Loeb, Brown, Ackermann

“Damian Loeb: Synesthesia, Parataxic, Distortion, and the Shadow,” Acquavella, New York, NY. Through Oct. 7. Ken Johnson: “With its portentous Damien Hirst-like title, ‘Synesthesia, Parataxic Distortion, and the Shadow,’ it promises something more spectacular than the pleasant, conscientiously well made, illustrative paintings that make up this exhibition.Mr. Loeb produces what […]