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Colin Brant’s communion with the inconstant

Contributed by Natasha Sweeten / You might consider the title of Colin Brant’s quietly inspiring exhibition “Mountains Like Rivers,” currently on view at Platform Project Space, an invitation to a world flipped on its end: what’s inherently solid becomes liquid, what’s up is now down. You would not be entirely wrong. Indeed, in Lake Louise/Poppies, the eponymous body of water mirrors the snowy, majestic range that anchors the painting. Red and yellow poppies in the foreground form a joyous tassel punctuating the band of blue, their stems waving like the arms of children eager to be called on.

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Fiction (and curatorial statement): THEY’RE MADE OUT OF MEAT

The following short story, “They’re Made Out of Meat,” was written by sci-fi writer Terry Bisson and published in Omni Magazine in 1990. An archly bizarre tale in which two higher-order extraterrestrials marvel at the fact that humans are composed of flesh and blood, it is the inspiration for an exhibition curated by Jennifer Coates at Platform Project […]

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Olympia Lambert, working with Denise Bibro Fine Art, has organized Blogpix at the Platform Project Space in Chelsea. Olympia has invited the Fallon and Rosof Artblog duo, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof; Hrag Vartanian, and moi to curate an exhibition that relates to the theme of the Blogosphere, and by […]