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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: Nov 2023

New stuff for November: Last month we produced a handy interactive map of the galleries in the Hudson Valley region for the Two Coats Gallery Crawl, with links to both the galleries and to their location on Google Maps. As out-of-towners, we found it incredibly helpful driving from space to space, so we have decided to create a version for use year-round. Readers can find a link on the menu bar at the top or click here to take a look. Keep in mind it’s a work in progress, and more galleries will be added shortly. Note that a couple of galleries have closed for the season: Elijah Wheat and the Re Institute.

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NYC Selected Gallery Guide: November, 2022

First things first. If we don’t all get out and vote on November 8, and Lee Zeldin beats Kathy Hochul in what is now a close governor’s race, sensible gun laws and abortion rights would be at risk. Once you’ve minimized that risk, even if you yourself have a couple of exhibitions coming up, resist the solipsistic urge to hole up in the studio. Get out and see some shows. In Bushwick, Astrid Dick and Erika Ranee are in a two-person show at M. David & Co. that looks well worth a trip on the L train. Delphine Hennelly has a solo opening at nearby Carvahlo Park on November 12. In Tribeca, at Canada, look for Xylor Jane’s exploration of prime palindromes — numbers that read the same forward…


Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: November 2019

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Hello November! There are plenty of shows opening this month, and today (November 15) is also the fifteenth day of the 2019 Two Coats of Paint year-end fundraising campaign. This year we�re requesting funding to continue our work supporting artists and arts organizations through 2020. […]