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Fran Shalom: Finding weight and presence (with humor)

Contributed by Sharon Butler / I went to visit Fran Shalom’s studio in Jersey City on the occasion of her first solo museum show, “Duck/Rabbit” at the Hunterdon in Clinton, New Jersey. Continuing a conversation we’d started at “Groping For the Elephant,” Shalom’s 2021 solo show at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in Chelsea., we discussed surface, shape, ambiguity, and the confidence painters develop over time. “Duck/Rabbit” was curated by Mary Birmingham and opens on October 2.


Interview: Brandi Twilley and life in the studio

Contributed by Caroline Wells Chandler/ I met Brandi Twilley back in 2008 when we started graduate school together at Yale. Both Southerners and eager for a change of scenery, we became fast friends. For over a decade we have talked extensively about art and creating a sustainable life around making […]


Susanna Coffey: A life in the studio

Contributed by Sangram Majumdar / In 2015 Susanna Coffey saw �In the Studio: Paintings,� an exhibition of canvases from the 1600s to the present that John Elderfield curated at Gagosian. Susanna was struck by the fact that the exhibition only included three paintings of women, and so she decided to […]

Studio Visit

Studio Visit (at last) with Lucy Mink

Contributed by Jason Andrew / Lucy Mink was the first artist I came to know solely through Facebook. She didn�t live in Brooklyn but in rural Contoocook, New Hampshire, and I became cyber-obsessed, waiting for each new post from her studio. What I saw then and continue to see today in Mink�s work is […]


Rachel Howard: A fascination with madness

Contributed by Sharon Butler / British painter Rachel Howard is in town this month, presenting “L�appel du vide,� her first New York solo show,�at Blain|Southern. Howard is known for a visceral, intuitive approach to�abstraction�that embraces�painting, sculpture, and work on paper. Last week, after she’d finished installing the show, she�and her […]


Interview: Sayaka Maruyama’s labyrinth of thoughts

Contributed by Emma Stolarski / I spotted New York-based Japanese artist Sayaka Maruyama?s memorandom 0 by chance on the growing art book collection of my former boss?s office shelves. On the cover, a vague image of in-progress notes and sketches prompted me to crack the spine, and from looking at the very first page I […]


Abby Lloyd’s interview with her Aunt Nancy

Contributed by Joshua Abelow / “Abby’s Room” is a show at Freddy in Harris, New York, featuring Abby Lloyd’s new sculptures and childhood drawings by her Aunt Nancy. “When my grandma died in 2015, my family and I began cleaning out her house,” Lloyd writes in her artist’s statement. “That’s when […]


Hello Instagram: Mark Dicey in Calgary

Contributed by Giovanni Garcia-Fenech / Initially I resisted Instagram, thinking of it dismissively as a repository of selfies, sunsets, and celebrities, but, soured by Facebook and Twitter, I finally joined. Over the past four years I’ve come to appreciate IG for introducing me to a lot of terrific artists, many of whom never show […]