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Interview Solo Shows

Lindsay Walt: Infinite space, logical form, and inner contemplation

Contributed by Lilly Hern-Fondation / In her new paintings and works on paper, Lindsay Walt works with geometric structures that appear as though they have materialized out of thin air. In compositions that balance atmosphere and striation, repetition and variation, structured order and dissolution, she moves towards a manipulated immateriality rendered in blue. […]

Interview Residencies

Two Coats of Paint Resident Artist: Nancy Evans

Contributed by Mary Jones / Veteran Los Angeles artist Nancy Evans is bringing an installation of sculpture, painting and works on paper to Two Coats of Paint during her artist�s residency, which takes place from September 30 through October 6.  Acclaimed for her original, independent vision, Evans combines a homespun sense of […]

Solo Shows

Studio visit with Barbara Takenaga

Contributed by Leslie Wayne / Barbara Takenaga has been pitting her skill at painting pattern against the physical constraints of materials for years, and her skill has usually won out. For a long time, bodies of work based on the Mandala were her signature motif. She meticulously painted carefully plotted circular […]


Interview: Aleksandr Blanar, Justin Polera, and �A Strong Desire”

Contributed by Loren Britton / On the occasion of �A Strong Desire,� a sprawling summer group at PS120 in Berlin that explores sexual identity, the body, and their commodification in capitalist society, Loren Britton interviews curators Aleksandr Blanar and Justin Polera. In the curatorial statement, Christina Gigliotti writes that the exhibition, on view through August 26, […]

Solo Shows

TEXTING: Julia Schwartz at LA Visitor Welcome Center

Mary Addison Hackett recently caught up with Julia Schwartz on the occasion of Schwartz’s show, “tenderly cradled and lavishly flung” at Los Angeles Visitor Welcome Center, a gallery on W. 7th Street in LA. A few days later they had a frank dialogue through text messaging about family tragedy, the role of […]


An artist�s story: Patrick Brennan

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / Earlier this year, painter Patrick Brennan had a show at the artist-run gallery Essex Flowers. The title, �Drifter,” referred to the previous year of his life, when he gave up his studio in Greenpoint to spend time in England, Ohio, and Bahrain. He also made […]

Interview Solo Shows

Karin Campbell�s grins and grimaces

Karin Campbell�s glistening paintings of disjointed mouths, eyes, and teeth hide in plain site. Both densely layered and sparse, her recent abstract canvases are cartoonish takes on the line between exposition and concealment. On the occasion of her first solo exhibition, at 106 Green in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, artist Nick Irzyk talked to Campbell about […]


Laurie Sverdlove: Unsettled in Vermont

Contributed by�Dian Parker�/ Vermont artist�Laurie Sverdlove has been painting for�four�decades. In high school�she�took classes at the Art Students League in New York City�and earned�her�MFA from UC Berkeley in California, where she studied��with�Joan Brown and Elmer Bischoff. After completing her�PhD coursework in Russo-Iranian History at the University of Pennsylvania, Sverdlove�lived in […]


Effects of chance: A conversation with Emily Berger

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Brooklyn painter�Emily Berger�is a masterful scumbler, dragging brushes�of dry paint across panels to create scratchy horizontal bands of color. The wood grain of the panel peeks�through, creating a sense of immediacy and improvisation. In her new work, the paint is thinly applied, and I get […]