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When do artists leave the country?

Contributed by Sharon Butler / On Wednesday, MarketWatch, a financial blog published by the Dow Jones�company, ran a provocative piece suggesting that the time might be approaching for Americans to begin planning an exit strategy from Trumplandia. �To cut to the chase,� Brett Arends, one of their financial columnists wrote, […]


Art and Film: Pablo Neruda and the triumph of art

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / With Donald Trump�s victory in the presidential election, the principled advancement of civilization as the goal of politics seemed to give way to the venal aggrandizement of the clique. It�s a grim setback, but the story of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet and politician Pablo […]


Art and politics spiral downhill at the Guggenheim

Following the chaos of World War I, artists moved away from the experimental, forward-thinking ideas of Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism toward a retrograde classicism that embraced order, synthesis, organization, and what were seen as “enduring values.” Artists’ depictions of the human figure became idealized, monolithic forms, perhaps in response to […]