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Artist's Notebook

When do artists leave the country?

Contributed by Sharon Butler / On Wednesday, MarketWatch, a financial blog published by the Dow Jones company, ran a provocative piece suggesting that the time might be approaching for Americans to begin planning an exit strategy from Trumplandia. To cut to the chase, Brett Arends, one of their financial columnists […]


Art and Film: Pablo Neruda and the triumph of art

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / With Donald Trump�s victory in the presidential election, the principled advancement of civilization as the goal of politics seemed to give way to the venal aggrandizement of the clique. It�s a grim setback, but the story of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet and politician Pablo […]


Art and politics spiral downhill at the Guggenheim

Following the chaos of World War I, artists moved away from the experimental, forward-thinking ideas of Cubism, Futurism, and Expressionism toward a retrograde classicism that embraced order, synthesis, organization, and what were seen as “enduring values.” Artists’ depictions of the human figure became idealized, monolithic forms, perhaps in response to […]