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Report from Berlin: Anna Uddenberg at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

Anna Uddenberg, installation view, “Sante Par Aqua” at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

Contributed by Loren Britton / Anna Uddenberg�s “Sante Par Aqua” (Health Through Water) comprises objects that propose spaces adjacent to furniture that bodies might occupy. Shapes are created, stacked like a life-size textural cubist painting. Rounded edges and neon floor illuminations elevate the sculptures into hybrid objects � car seat (for adult and child), shag rug, illuminated i-phone glow on someone�s face, 70�s wood paneling d�cor with a prom dress laid over the orange/yellow plaid couch are some of the images that came to mind as I imagined buckling into the pods.

Anna Uddenberg, Twin Generators and Upgraded Tender / If you hold onto one arm, I�ll dangle off the other and maybe we�ll both balance enough to make it hum.
Anna Uddenberg, Pockets Obese / Slip into something more comfortable, like a golf bag and kneel onto this platform, hands clasped together in prayer that the fuzzy stuff doesn�t breathe back at you.
Anna Uddenberg, Sisterunit on Fly / Arguably the mom car of the pack � side panel mustard orange, head rest flipped up. All leg and no body fits best. Checked black and white outfits � are the best suggestion.
Anna Uddenberg, Cozy Stabilization Unit / Reorient your body as you figure out which moment is for head, for ass, for thigh after stepping onto the blue illuminated platform of Cozy Stabilization Unit.

Anna Uddenberg: Sante Par Aqua (Health Through Water),” Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin, Germany. November 4, 2017to January 13, 2018.

About the author: A recent grad of Yale�s MFA program, Loren Britton  is a co-founder of the curatorial projects  Improvised Showboat (with Zachary Keeting), lcqueryprojects (with Christie DeNizio), and Queering Space. Britton also maintains a solo curatorial and art practice that shape shift in form from project to project.

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