Images: The 2017 Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program Residents

Doron Langberg

The Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program, one of our neighbors in DUMBO, announced the artists they’ve selected for the 2017 residencies�last week. It’s a �highly selective program, and�this year they had 13oo applications for 17 spots. We know a slew of�talented artists who didn’t make the cut, so�we were wondering about the 17 who did, and we’re pleased to report that there are plenty of painters in the mix. Here are�some images of their work and�links to their websites for�more information.�

The 2017 Sharpe-Walentas residents:�Laura Bernstein, Anna Betbeze, Todd Bienvenu, Derek Fordjour, Angela Fraleigh, Hong Seon Jang, Osamu Kobayashi, Doron Langberg, Sharon Louden, Bridget Mullen, Narcissister, Jose Rodriguez, Brie Ruais, Martha Tuttle, Brandi Twilley, Penelope Umbrico, and Jaimie Warren.

Jurors: The initial review included�four past studio artists: Valerie Hegarty (�04), Sarah Peters (�07), Debra Priestly (�13), Blane De St. Croix (�14), followed by a final selection with jury members Sanford Biggers, Matthew Deleget, Deborah Kass, Nathlie Provosty (�09), and Jean Shin.

Anna Betbeze
Jaimie Warren

Super-species II Excerpt from Laura R Bernstein on Vimeo.

Derek Fordjour
Penelope Umbrico
Todd Bienvenu
Sharon Louden
Bridget Mullen
Angela Fraleigh
Brandi Twilley
Hong Seon Jang
Osamu Kobayashi
Martha Tuttle

Burka Barbie — Excerpt from NARCISSISTER on Vimeo.

Brie Ruais

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  1. Thank you, Sharon. You’re so generous! Warmly, Sharon

  2. I’ve noticed a shift from when this program was Marie Walsh Sharpe. It seems the agenda is towards accepting established artists. This saddens me. If applied now I wouldn’t get accepted. This used to be a great opportunity for artists that needed exposure and studio space. I don’t get what it’s about now. Marie Walsh Sharpe greatly helped boost my career, or lack there of at the time. For the most part, the artist picked the past few years don’t need the exposure, nor the free studio space.

  3. Well it�s not the same program now. Its sponsored by a real estate family. Totally different values. Sad that patrons have such a deep effect on the organizations they fund but that is probably just human nature. It�s rare that patrons just give a blank check.

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