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Images: DUMBO Open Studios

Karen Lederer

Contributed by Katie Fuller / Even though the weather this weekend wasn’t ideal, Dumbo Open Studios was well worth a visit. For readers who couldn’t make it, I’ve compiled a stack of images, featuring both work-in-progress and completed pieces. My collection, however, doesn�t even begin to cover all the participants, many of whom are established artists who rarely invite the public into their studios. This was a special event. If you get a chance to go next year, don’t miss it–even if there’s a torrential downpour!

Clifford Owens
Samantha Bittman
Randy Wray
Randy Wray
Ruth Root
Sascha Braunig
Duron Jackson
Peter Drake
Marsha Cottrell
Alexi Worth
Elizabeth Hazan
Laura Karetzky
Laura Karetzky
Eva Davidova
Eva Davidova
Darrell Hostvedt
Minku Kim
Weixian Jiang (front), Minku Kim (back)
Deborah Simon
Nat Meade
Fabienne Lasserre
Fabienne Lasserre
Matt Bollinger
Olive Ayhens
Dana Lok
Karen Lederer
Elizabeth Riley
Elizabeth Riley
Teri Hackett curated “Holding it Together,” a group show with 30 artists.
“Blue State,” curated by Two Coats of Paint. Helen O’Leary in foreground, Matthew Deleget in back.
“Blue State,” curated by Two Coats of Paint. Two paintings at left: David Mann. Two at right: Sharon Butler.

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  1. Sharon nice seeing your paintings in the Dumbo open studios photos.
    Missed the event but made it to the Art Buzz panel where all did a great service to the ATOA community: informing us of just how fast the on-line art world is growing, and encouraging us to see culture as community. I’d like to see your I-phone drawing. Where are they

    Take a look at the site I wrote a review of the exhibition “An Homage” at Francis Naumann which deals with the one hundredth anniversary of Duchamp’s “Fountain”
    ( I’m the fellow who asked you about Parker Bright)

    Ron Morosan

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