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This week: Coney Art Walls, job postings, Art Basel report, painterly photographs, residency news from Sharpe Walentas and the Elizabeth Foundation Studio Program (residents announced and juries revealed), a new residency program in the Arctic, an unknown Modigliani discovered (maybe), an interview with Fran�oise Gilot, the painter and mother of Picasso’s kids, on the occasion of an upcoming show at Gagosian, and Oslo.

1. Field trip to Coney Island! The new Coney Art Walls are done. Curated by Joseph J. Sitt and Jeffrey Deitch,
the 2016 walls were painted by Nina Chanel Abney, John Ahearn, Timothy
Curtis, D*Face, Jessica Diamond, Tristan Eaton, Gaia, Eric Haze, Icy
& Sot, London Police, Nychos, Pose, Stephen Powers, Tats Cru,
and Sam Vernon. Returning artists who created new works: Lady Aiko,
Mister Cartoon, Crash, Daze, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, and Marie Roberts.
2015 Murals on display: by Buff Monster, Eine, Ron English, How
& Nosm, IRAK, Kashink, Lady Pink, Miss Van, RETNA, eL Seed and
Sheryo & Yok. There are also three community walls. (via Brooklyn Street Art)

2. Jobs: Two Coats of Paint (DUMBO HQ pictured above) is looking for an editorial assistant to help with production. This part-time position involves looking at a lot of art, going to galleries, art fairs, photo research and editing, newsletter management, blog post production, social media activities, arts writing, and editing. Candidate must have a background in contemporary painting and arts writing and be based in the NYC area. MFA would be a bonus, but not required. The hourly rate will be determined based on the candidate’s experience. For info on how to apply, click here.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum needs a Press and Social Media Coordinator.

Gagosian in NYC needs an Executive Level Front Desk Associate.


3. At artcritical, Leslie Wayne visits Beatrice Pediconi, an artist who paints with various substances on water and then records the results with a Polaroid camera. Pediconi has a solo show at Sepia Eye in Chelsea through June 25 that includes a new book project (image above). “I have many brushes, all different kinds and thicknesses and also different syringes. To be more precise, I first drop the color, previously diluted with solvent in the case of the oil paint, and then I paint with brushes on the surface of the water….I have been using Polaroid film since I first started to record my ephemeral painting process. What is new in this show at Sepia Eye is the format. I was lucky enough to work with the Impossible Project in 2014, which revived the use of the large format 8 x 10 inch Polaroid. I started using 4 x 5 inch Polaroid film first, as I felt it made perfect sense with the action of my work. Each print is a record of a unique instant in the paint�s movement. But also, Polaroid cannot be reproduced and so the prints are a singular and real record of the painting in the exact moment the paint exists before it dissolves.” Read more.


4. According to the New York Times, the frenzy for work by young abstract painters is over.  �Back then [2014], many collectors and advisers would rush upstairs to the
cutting-edge galleries on Art Basel�s first floor to snap up the latest
abstracts by artists in their 20s and 30s. But the speculative mania for
young abstraction has cooled….’Basel was more conservative this year both in terms of what people
brought and what people were buying,’ said Ms. Levene, the London art
consultant. ‘Clients are nervous about buying works by younger artists
if they�re not sure where their careers are going.’� And Njideka Akunyili Crosby (image above: Crosby’s 2013 exhibition at Victoria Miro in London) is on the fast track. Read more.


5. Residency news: The 2016 residents selected for the Sharpe Walentas Studio Program include a lot of representational painters this year. Olive Ayhens, Samantha Bittman, Matt Bollinger, Sascha Braunig, Jordan Casteel, Caroline Chandler, Duron Jackson, Meredith James, Fabienne Lasserre, Karen Lederer, Dana Lok, Nat Meade, Clifford Owens, Sheila Pepe, Ruth Root, Alan Weiner, and Tuguldur Yondonjamts. The process: Seventeen visual artists were selected from over 1,200 applicants by an initial review with five past studio artists: Diana Cooper, David Opdyke, Erika Ranee, Daniel Rich, and Randy Wray; the final selection jury included Tara Donovan, Keltie Ferris, Dread Scott, Joel Shapiro, and Alexi Worth.

The Elizabeth Foundation Studio Program 2016 members are Valerie Hegarty, Akira Ikezoe, Dana Levy, Maria Rapicavoli, Alexander Schweder, Suzanne Song, and Johanna Tiedtke.The process: The EFA jury included Heather Darcy Bhandari, Program Director of The Artist First; Rebeca Jampol, Founder and Director of Solo(s)Project House and Founder and Co-Director of The Gateway Projects Gallery and Public Art Program; Chris Rayburn, Treasurer and past Chairman of the Board for Quad City Arts and independent arts professional; Shlomit Dror, independent curator; David Louis Fierman, Co-Owner and Co-Director of Louis B. James Gallery.

A new residency program in the Arctic: “Halfway between Norway and the North Pole, lies an archipelago of four islands called Svalbard, which is home to more polar bears than people. The remote glacial landscape might seem like an unlikely place to grow a contemporary art scene, but on 12 June the Norwegian ministry of culture announced it is launching an art foundation and artist residency in the capital of Longyearbyen, the world�s northernmost town, where the sun never sets during summer.” Read more in The Art Newspaper.


6. According to the AP, via TribLive, a flea market dealer found a Modigliani near a dumpster. Or something like that. “A public relations firm in Rome that doubles as the Amedeo Modigliani Institute is claiming a signed portrait of ‘Odette’ could be the real deal. It is putting the work on public view next week, saying it hopes to start an academic debate on its authenticity.”  Read more.


7. On the occasion of the upcoming exhibition �Picasso and Fran�oise Gilot [1943�1953]� at Gagosian on Madison Avenue, Fran�oise Gilot, a feisty 90-year-old who has lived in an apartment off Central Park West for the past twenty years, is giving interviews. In The Guardian, she told Emma Brockes that she might not have been interested in Picasso, 40 years her senior, if they hadn’t met during wartime. �Because I would have thought he�s very old, I�m very young. The men who could�ve been interested in me, and me in them, just disappeared. It was not a time like any other. It was a time when everything was lost; a time of death. So: do I want to do something before I die, or not? You have to seize it. It was � let�s do something right away!� Read more.


8. Check out the Critic’s Guide to Oslo at Frieze. Image above: “How to cut your throat and smile,” a group show at SCHLOSS, a project space in an old garage opened this year by artist Ida Ekblad and journalist Marie-Alix Isdahl Voisin. The show includes work by Liz Craft, Andreas Dobler, Chlo� Elizabeth, Maratta Flavio Merlo,
Theodor Kittelsen, Maggie Lee, Miriam Leonardi, Urd Pedersen, Ben
Rosenthal, Linda Semadeni and Urban Zellweger.


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