Preview: Bernard Piffaretti’s doubles in Berlin

If you’re in Berlin in June, don’t miss French painter Bernard Piffaretti’s show at Klemm’s. Pifferetti (b. 1955 in Saint-Etienne, France) is known for painting paintings–that is, he divides each canvas in half vertically, makes a painting on one side, and then copies it on the other. By introducing the simple act of duplication, which he’s been doing since the 1980s, Piffaretti introduces a conceptual twist that distances his vibrant work from pure painterly expression. Questions of authenticity, hierarchy (copy vs. original), and time come into play. In this upcoming exhibition, called “No Chronology,” Piffaretti continues to explore the “impossibility of retracing a temporal development within the painter�s practice.” He is also working toward a solo show at the Pompidou Center in Paris next year.

[Image at top: Bernard Piffaretti, “No Chronology,” Klemm’s, installation view.]

 Bernard Piffaretti, “No Chronology,” Klemm’s, installation view.

Bernard Piffaretti, “No Chronology,” Klemm’s, installation view.

Bernard Piffaretti: No Chronology,” Klemm’s, Berlin, Germany. April 29 – June 11, 2016

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