Invitation: $50 Stock Club and a conversation with Peter Soriano

UPDATE (Sunday, May 8, 3pm): Both events are fully booked. // This week I’ll be leading two events. The first, $50 Stock Club, takes place on Tuesday, May 10, 6-8pm, and is part of MONTH2MONTH, a public art project initiated by artists William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton. The second, on Wednesday, May 11at 6:30, is a public conversation with Peter Soriano on the occasion of his installation, “Permanent Maintenance” (image above) on view at the Colby College Museum of Art through August 21, 2016. Hosted by Skowhegan, our conversation will include Soriano’s move from away from sculpture toward instructions for ephemeral installation projects that are created by others and his working process.

Sharon Butler’s $50 Stock Club
At an affordable apartment in Brooklyn
Tuesday, May 10, 6-8 pm
From the press release:

If you have $50 to invest, come join Sharon Butler’s cooperative Stock Club for the 99%. Her interest in financial matters is as amateur rather than professional, hence the collaborative nature of the investment group. Members will pool information and expertise to select stocks in which to invest their pooled funds. One year later– or upon majority vote–the portfolio will be liquidated and collective gains or losses realized…

Inspired by the increasing interest in contemporary art as an investment commodity by those in the financial industry, Butler may be hinting that artists are just as likely to choose solid stocks as financial wizards are to choose artists of lasting importance.

Members of the club will also receive a limited edition membership certificate digital print (image above), which may eventually be worth more than fifty dollars–if the value of my art goes up 🙂  The event takes place in a small apartment in Brooklyn and is already fully booked, but will be livestreamed on the Internet.

About MONTH2MONTH: Initiated by artists William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton, MONTH2MONTH is a public art project that takes place in private residences. Through a lottery conducted in winter of 2016 the public was invited to participate in curated short-term stays in exemplary “luxury” and “affordable” housing units in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The stays are underscored by a month-long series of public events that will examine art�s uncomfortable relationship to real estate development and neighborhood change. MONTH2MONTH aims to build a platform for discussions about how class, wealth, and social mobility affect people�s ability to live in New York City. Learn more about all the events and sign up here.


Peter Soriano in Conversation with Sharon Butler
Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 6:30 pm
Hosted by Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture
136 W. 22nd Street, New York, NY 1001

From the press release:

In 2012, Peter Soriano became, in his own words, �a sculptor who no longer makes sculptures.� Rather than shaping, carving, or casting three-dimensional forms, he assembles and arranges visual experience. Drawing is his medium, his method of dematerialization, and his means of exchange with the collaborators who interpret and help install his instruction-based works.

In conjunction with the release of Peter Soriano: Permanent Maintenance, a publication documenting Soriano�s largest wall drawing to date, Soriano will speak with Sharon Butler, artist and publisher of Two Coats of Paint, about the evolution of his art; the idea behind and process of creating Permanent Maintenance; the meaning of his (seemingly) inscrutable graphic lexicon; the iterative nature of his work; and why he compares his wall drawings to musical compositions.

The conversation will be followed by a reception and publication signing. RSVP: fvmoraga@colby.edu

Please join us!


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