Record Store Day: Amy Feldman, Thurston Moore, and Frank Rosaly

Artists often contribute artwork for album and CD covers–something listeners don’t get when they download music files from the Internet. Recently, Thurston Moore and Frank Rosaly used Amy Feldman‘s paintings on their project, Marshmallow Moon Decorum. According to the Corbett vs. Dempsey website:

Guitar hero Thurston Moore and improvising drummer Frank Rosaly met for a first encounter in 2012 at the Neon Marshmallow Festival, at the Burlington in Rosaly’s hometown, Chicago. The results were monumental. The slow build of Moore’s gigantosaur sound and Rosaly’s clamorousness and gradually escalating propulsion made for an idea match over the course of an electrifying 35-minute piece, the thunderous conclusion of which left no ear unburned. Marshmallow Moon Decorum presents the full concert in all its glory, gorgeously rendered in a multi-track recording that captures both the grit and grace of their mutual ascent. The cover sports a painting by Amy Feldman, perfect visual foil for the boys and their noise.

The painting on the cover (pictured above) is Feldman’s Moon Decorum, acrylic on canvas, 79 x 79 inches. Since today is Record Store Day, why not add to your art collection by picking up some albums and CDs at your local record store? Or order this one from Corbett vs. Dempsey, a Chicago gallery that also has a record label.

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  1. also the Chicago Painter Adam F. Scott's work featured on the Record Store Day LP "Cannots" by Ryley Walker and Charles Rumback:



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