A selection from Bushwick Open Studios, 2015

Guest contributor Allison Hale / Both days provided an excellent view into the studio spaces and the community of artists living and working in Bushwick. On Saturday I went to 1717 Troutman, a building packed with young and emerging artists. Julia Bland was the definite highlight. Bland creates wall-assembled pieces imbued with textile design. At the NEWD Art Fair I went to a panel called �Market is the Medium-�Making it� in the NYC Art World� organized by POWArts. Although the panel wasn’t necessarily prescriptive, the panelists shared their experiences navigating the art world and dealing with the market forces that continue pushing artists further from the city. I left NEWD and stopped by Jen Shepard‘s studio in the 1896 Building. I was struck by the play between surfaces of Shepard�s wall mounted sculptures and two-dimensional work. Over in Morgantown, I checked out the “Home Improvement,” the Rock Street sculpture show curated by Deborah Brown and Lesley Heller.

On Sunday, I walked from my Ridgewood apartment/studio to some of the Queens exhibitions. Era VI VII VI, a space that usually functions as an art studio, had a pop-up show featuring evocative work by Alina Tenser. The most encouraging visit of the weekend, though was at the Reservoir Art Space. Omari Douglin, who recently moved into a studio here after graduating from Cooper Union, had a number of new paintings in his studio and more stretchers on the way.

[Image at top: Omari Douglin @ Reservoir Art Space]

Alina Tenser, Work from Home Tray, 2013. Wood, lacquer, paint, photo print of fabric. This sculpture was included in a group show called �Influx� at the ERA VI VII VI space at 676 Woodward Avenue.

Detail of Tenser�s “Work
from Home Tray.

John Cox, Eren Johnson and daughter Josephine in their shared studio at the Reservoir space.

Detail of Cox�s work on the studio wall.
Omari Douglin working in his studio at the Reservoir Art Space at 659 Woodward Ave.

Douglin�s thesis work in storage after his recent graduation from Cooper Union.

Caetlynn Booth�s paintings that she completed after a residency at the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge in Mississippi. She is works at the Reservoir Art Space.

Caetlynn Booth

Drawings by Kate Liebman at 1717 Troutman.
Kate Liebman

Paintings by Justine Lai at 1717 Troutman.


Justine Lai 

Work by Julia Bland, made of linen, oil paint and wool.

Julia Bland and her loom at 1717 Troutman.

Detail of Bland’s drawings.

Works by Jen Shepard at the 1896/592 Johnson Ave studios.

Detail of Jen Shepard�s studio walls.

Jen Shepard and friends.

Megan Pahmier at the Rock Street sculpture show, “Home Imrpovement,” curated by Deborah Brown and Lesley Heller.

A trail of porcelain circles, part of Pahmier�s sculpture.

More Megan Pahmier.

 Shane Morrissey at “Home Improvement.”

Alyssa Gorelick wall at 1717 Troutman.

Alyssa Gorelick in her studio.
Print by Alyssa Gorelick.

Editor’s Note: Guest contributor Allison Hale is a 2013 graduate of the University of Connecticut MFA Program. She has been living in Ridgewood for the past year and is working on several photo-based projects about the the environment.


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  1. I really enjoyed the footprints crossing the carpet! from Inlux ar ERA VI VII VI.

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