Installation view: Paintings from Paris

In his final show at 681 Washington Street in the West Village, Peter Makebish has curated “Paintings from Paris,” an eclectic, salon-style, group show of work he loves. The work in the show is wide ranging, from the geometric abstraction of Peter Demos, Teri Hackett and Alika Herreshoff to the oozing materiality of Kim Dorland and Randy Wray. Artists include Aidas Bareikis, Sharon Butler, Peter Demos, Kim Dorland, Leo Fitzpatrick, Theresa Hackett, Lane Hagood, Alika Herreshoff, Geoff Hippenstiel, Elizabeth Huey, Bill Saylor, Suzannah Wainhouse, Anke Weyer, Randy Wray.

In the new year, Makebish will be moving to a new space–details to come.

“Paintings from Paris,” Installation view.

“Paintings from Paris,” Installation view. 

Randy Wray

Paintings from Paris,” Makebish, 681 Washington Street, New York, NY. Through December 15, 2014. 


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  1. It looks like an interesting show, but it's not obvious what's "from Paris"…perhaps you could enlighten on that…

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