Art and Social Media Symposium @ CSU Long Beach, April 27

Please join us for an Art and Social Media Symposium organized by Marie Thibeault at California State University Long Beach, Sunday, April 27. I’ll give a lecture at 2pm, followed by a panel discussion featuring Julia Schwartz, Doug Harvey, Kio Griffith, Grant Vetter, and moderated by Dane Klingaman. The event, which also includes MFA Open Studios and five gallery openings across campus, is sponsored by the Painting and Drawing Program. Should be fun.

For the panel discussion I contributed a couple questions:

1. I’ve often said that Twitter is the new smoking–instead of taking a
cigarette break, I step back from a painting and check Twitter. How has
social networking media changed the way we approach work in the studio
and gallery? If we post an image of recent
work and don’t get any “thumbs up,” are we more likely to alter the
project or painting?

2. As longtime users of web 2.0 tools, do the other panelists ever feel
as though the 24/7 nature of technology may be taking over their lives?
Is the internet addictive? Do they put limits on the amount of time they
spend online? Or is FOMO (Fear of Missing
Out) too great to put limits on usage? Can panelists foresee a time
when they might step away from the computer?

Any thoughts?

If you are in LA, I hope to see you there.

[Image: The poster features one of my old paintings from 2009]


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