Providence report: Baziotes, Green, Bostrom, Myoda, Rubinstein…

My Instagram and Twitter friends know that I’ve been spending time in Providence this semester, where, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m teaching a course at Brown University about artists’ books–not the handbound, letterpress kind, but the type that are produced with digital tools and commercial printing processes.

[Image above: One day I arrived to find the David Winton Bell Gallery staff unwrapping and photographing all the paintings from Brown’s art collection. Here is Ian unwrapping Mask by William Baziotes. Image of recto after the jump.] 

William Baziotes, Mask

Currently, New Image/New Image Painting is on view in the lobby of Brown’s newly renovated List Arts Building. Organized around Salute, a new acquisition painted by Australian American artist Denise Green. the show features work that was created between created between 1967 and 1976 in the David Winton Bell Collection.

From the press release:

In the early 1960s the popularity of abstract expressionism gave way to a plurality of styles: among them post-painterly abstraction, identified by Clement Greenberg in a 1964 exhibition of the same name as deriving from abstract expressionism but �favor[ing] openness or clarity� rather than dense painterly surfaces; lyrical abstraction, celebrated in a 1971 exhibition curated by Larry Aldrich, who noted a �movement away from the geometric, hard-edge, and minimal, toward more lyrical, sensuous, romantic abstractions in colors which were softer and more vibrant;� color field painting; and minimalism. The paintings on view in the main lobby are representative of these movements and of the works that Denise Green would have encountered in mainstream galleries and museums when she arrived in New York in 1969.

Denise Green, Salute, 1976, acrylic on canvas. Gift of Francis S. Claps MD
 Frank Stella
 Larry Poons
 Michael Ashcroft

An unusual  black-and-white fence up the street at RISD. Check out the end posts: one is stone and the other is painted wood.

A metal object attached to the List Art Building. I’m not sure if it is art or a structural element of the renovation…? UPDATE: Installed several years ago, this piece was created by a Brown Visual Arts student.

At the Chazan Gallery at the Wheeler School Brown professor Leslie Bostrom has an exhibition of new work. The paintings are outright joyful–and I was struck that such unhindered exuberance is a rare quality to find in painting these days.

Leslie Bostrom

Leslie Bostrom

Leslie Bostrom

A recent limited-edition chapbook collaboration between Raphael Rubinstein and Trevor Winkfield is sold out at Song Cave, but a PDF file is available. Highly recommended reading.

This afternoon I’m taking my class to hear Raphael Rubinstein lecture in the RISD auditorium, and next Thursday, October 17,  Paul Myoda’s show, “Glittering Machines,” opens at Yellow Peril Gallery. A colleague at Brown, Paul is a co-creator of the 9/11 “Tribute in Light.

Glittering Machine: Whip from Paul Myoda on Vimeo.

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  1. I love seeing the coverage of Providence! Can't wait to see more! Thank you! It was nice meeting you at the Chazan Gallery!

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