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I first encountered Becky Yazdan’s seductive paintings at the 2011 NurtureArt benefit, and this month she has a compelling show at Giampietro Gallery in New Haven. A graduate of the New York Studio School, Yazdan works in an intimate scale, deftly mining daily incident and objects for content and meaning. Bill Jensen, Graham Nickson (both of whom she studied with at NYSS) and (of course) Thomas Nozkowski are among her painting heroes. Here are some images of her work.

Becky Yazdan, Cyclone, 2012, oil on panel, 14 x 11 inches. 
Becky Yazdan, Fifth Floor, 2012, oil on linen, 48 x 60 inches. 

Becky Yazdan, Elephant Rock, 2012, oil on linen, 30 x 36 inches. 

Becky Yazdan, Frog in There, 2012, oil on claybord, 11 x 14 inces.

 Becky Yazdan, Kick the Can, 2013, oil on claybord, 8 x 8 inches.  

Becky Yazdan, Looking for Diesel, Found a sleeping Coyote, 2011, Oil On Panel, 11 x 14 inches.  

Becky Yazdan, OMGMRI, 2012, oil on linen, 36 x 48 inches. 

Becky Yazdan, Nova Scotia, 2013, oil on linen on panel, 8 x 8 inches. 

Becky Yazdan, Plaques and Triangles, 2012, oil on linen, 18 x 14 inches.

Becky Yazdan, Outbreak, 2012, oil on linen, 36 x 30 Inches.

Becky Yazdan, Pong, 2012, oil on linen, 11 x 13 inches. 

Becky Yazdan, Ticker Tape, 2012, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches.

Becky Yazdan, Triple Whiskey, 2012, oil on panel, 36 x 48 inches.  

Becky Yazdan, Ubangi, 2012, oil on linen on panel, 36 x 30 inches. 

 Becky Yazdan, Velvet Rocks, 2013, oil on claybord, 12 x 12 inches.

Becky Yazdan and Christopher Joy,” Fred Giampietro, New Haven, CT. Through March 29, 2013.
 Note: Look for a post on painter Christopher Joy’s new sculpture tomorrow.

Image at top:  Becky Yazdan, Remington Portable, 2013, oil on linen, 24 x 20 inches. All images courtesy of Giampietro Gallery.

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  1. You've got to like the existential range of these gems, from dread ("Outbreak" and "OMGMRI") to retro-louche escapism ("Pong") to simple need ("Triple Whiskey"). Somehow they put me in mind of the Pixies.

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