Brece Honeycutt’s book report

Working on a book collaboration with poet Dara Mandle for Norte Maar Projects, Brece Honeycutt is on the lookout for book shows, projects and sightings. The following is her report from a recent ramble around New York.

First stop: “The Book Lovers, A Project about Artist Novels” at the Elizabeth Foundation Project Space (sadly, exhibition ended 3/9/13).

“The Book Lovers” installation at EFA.

From press release : “The Book Lovers” is a systematic attempt to study the phenomenon of artist novels. An investigation of the creative consequences when artists choose the novel as a medium is the core of this long-term project and research. For an increasing number of artists, the novel is becoming a means to generate new art objects in the scope of a multidisciplinary practice. A collection of novels written by artists and a parallel online database are available for public perusal in a Reading Room, together with a selection of artworks that are inextricably linked to some of the novels.

Second stop: Lesley Dill�s recent book,  I had a Blueprint of History, an artist�s book on handmade paper with a poem by Tom Sliegh, on view at Dieu Donne.

Third stop: “Brother Can You Spare a Stack” organized by Yulia Tikhonov at the Center for Book Arts on view until March 30, 2013.

From the press release: “Brother, Can You Spare a Stack” presents thirteen art projects that re-imagine the library as a force for social change. Each project constructs a micro library of sorts that serves specific economic or social needs within the community. Each project proposes an alternative politicized realm, which can be imagined and formed to explore the social dimensions of contemporary culture. Small and mobile, these projects resist the limitations of a controlled, highly organized system that governs our society. In contrast to subjective libraries formed by the artists picking and choosing book titles, these projects take a pragmatic and rational approach, using the library model as an interactive field.

Fourth stop: Printed Matter�s lovely reading nook with book tower and benches stacked with artists� editions for the first time at Independent Art Fair.

Printer Matter collaborated with designer ROLU to create their nooks for the Indpendent.

On my way to VOLTA, I spotted two bags of books on the street, just ripe for the picking or adding to the rack of books outside of Jack Spade.

Fifth stop: VOLTA Art Fair

Rena Bransten Gallery showing Hung Lu�s �installation of new paintings and prints at VOLTA recreates her childhood memories of street libraries where primers or picture books could be rented for a few pennies to be read on the premises.� The small table and chairs with recreated picture books was heartwarming.

Hung Liu, Fortune: Reader, 2012, oil on canvas, 48 x 59 1/2 inche
Brian Dettmer, Do It Complete Yourself Man, 2010. Kinz + Tillou Fine Art @ VOLTA

Frederieke Taylor Gallery showing Long-Bin Chen �a sculptor who works with books, phone books, catalogs, and magazines as his medium.�

Long-Bin Chen

Sixth Stop: “The scenery changes three times” at the new Schema Projects with an exhibition organized by Blonde Art Books in Bushwick on view until March 31, 2013.

From the press release:
“The scenery changes three times” takes its title from a collage that Max Ernst published in his first graphic-novel and is a presentation that proposes a formal and conceptual connection between four participating artists and the chapbook � a pocket-size booklet first popularized in the sixteenth century as an apparatus for the dissemination of current events, poetry, and folklore.

Limited edition chapbooks by Brian Belott at Schema. Check out the Blonde Art Books website for images of the other chap books.

Thanks for the report Brece. We’re looking forward to the release party for your project at Norte Maar.

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