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Introducing, the Two Coats Interns!

A few weeks ago I decided to develop a small internship program, and I’m pleased to report that numerous talented artists, writers and designers actually applied. Wow. Please join me in welcoming the six candidates selected to join the team at Two Coats of Paint.

Michelle Mantua, alias Marie e Julio, was born, raised, and baptized in Detroit, Michigan � a place where many women become cocktail waitresses, hairdressers, or single mothers. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2009 with a BA in Art History and is currently an MFA candidate at Cranbrook. She is interested in Northern Soul, The New Inquiry, and systems of belief.
Twitter: @spitsdiamonds |

Stef Paschen-May, A graphic designer, printmaker, illustrator.
BA from Eastern Connecticut State University in Digital Art & Design, with minors in Studio Art and Art History. Stef has been in exhibitions at the Akus Art Gallery and Hartford Art Space. A recent transplant to Brooklyn, Stef is looking for a job, either full time or freelance.
Twitter: @SPaschenmay | WordPress | Portfolio

Joe Bun Keo is an artist from the Greater Hartford area. He graduated from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford with a BFA in Sculpture and minor in Art History. He recently purchased Hennessy Youngman’s MFA on DVD and is loving it!

Born in Binghamton, NY, Samuel Jablon went to Naropa University, in Boulder, Colorado, where he earned a degree in Writing and Literature, he then moved to Brooklyn three years ago, and is currently a second year MFA student at Brooklyn College. His art has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and� his writing has appeared in BOMBlog (Bomb Magazine’s blog), Art Writ, The Huffington Post, and other online literary journals, blogs, and magazines.
Twitter: @JablonSamuel |

Nick Stolle, a writer and painter, was born in Illinois in the early 1980s. He lived for some years in Nashville, Tennessee, and accidentally stepped on Jack White’s cowboy-booted foot once. (Jack White was totally cool and nice about it.) He is currently pursuing an MFA in Painting at Brooklyn College.

Arianna Perricone is an arts major living and studying in Toronto, Canada. She currently attends Ryerson University, working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Photography. She has worked as a freelance photographer and writer for four years, at a variety of publications including the Huffington Post Canada, the Toronto Standard, and the Ministry of Artistic Affairs. She hopes one day to work in a curatorial capacity at a major museum or gallery, and to explore the art scenes of New York, Berlin and London.
Twitter: @AriannaPerr | Blogger | Tumblr


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