Quick Study: Philosophy, Politics, Mexico, Brutalism and more

It’s August, everyone is on vacation, so I’ll keep it short with a few recent links from the Two Coats Twitter Feed:

Tim, Pocket Utopia’s new gallerino and a philosophy Ph.D candidate,will be behind the desk today and says he’s open to any wide-ranging philosophy discussion at lunch. Check out his latest reading list. //

Word crazy? Maybe. My favorite Tumblr is produced by The Paris Review. //

My Iverson 10-speed, er, I mean 5-speed (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the front derailleur broke), is featured at Totebag Reviews, Kyle Chaykas new Tumblr that, strangely, focuses on artworld totebags.  OK, I’m like a stage mother: I submitted the photograph. //

I’m not sure why this May 2009 post about artworld gender-bias has made it onto the Two Coats of Paint “Most Popular” list, but yesterday it suddenly appeared: //

Interesting take on Brutalist architecture. Author Thomas de Monchaux calls Paul Rudolph’s New Haven a “landscape of moody cement,” says Brutalist architects of British public housing Alison and Peter Smithson are “Yin to the Eames� Yang, an eternally rainy Britain to their perpetually sunny California.” Always challenging, Brutalism is misunderstood.  (via C-Monster) //

Amazing work: At The Silo Raphael Rubinstein blogs about Nahum Tevet’s complex sculptural-painting installations (pictured above). “Breaking, undramatically yet definitively with the ‘truth to materials’ that was the rule for most Minimalist and Post-Minimalist sculpture, Tevet opens the path that will lead him, eventually to the complex sculptural-painting installations that constitute his major achievement…” Image at top: Tevet’s 2008 installation at the Herzeliya Museum for Contemporary Art in Israel.//

Great to see old colleague Mariana Aquirre blogging at Art21. As Blogger-in-Residence Aquirre writes about art in Mexico, including three artists under forty and the the Taller Mexicano de Gobelinos, a tapestry workshop in Guadalajara. //

Politics: At The Atlantic, national correspondent Peter Fallows suggests that, after “a disastrous trip abroad,” it might be time to ask if Romney lack basic political skills. //

Anaba goes to NADA Hudson and takes some good snaps. Thanks Martin! (ps I always thought you were Buck Naked) //

Dogs in Art: “Your dog is a blank canvas.” (As are small children–although the older they get, the more they complain. I would add a picture of my daughter doing goofy things when she was younger, but she wouldn’t like it. So here’s a picture from the Tumblr of one of my dogs thinking about art.) //

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Giovanni Garcia-Fenech tweets: Awesome advice from
to young Texan artists (which non-status quo New Yorkers would be wise to heed)” //

 JOB: Part time temporary special events coordinator needed at Greenwich Historical Society in CT//

“Lose a kidney in a knife fight. You’ll be glad you did.” Check out Colson Whitehead’s “Rules for Writing”  // 


Image at top: Nahum Tevet’s 2008 installation at the Herzeliya Museum for Contemporary Art in Israel. Courtesy of the artists website.


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