Quick Study: Summer edition with job postings, general musings (and lots of links)

For the past few weeks, disgusted by artworld shenanigans, posting has been relatively slow while I enjoy a more leisurely summer pace, but I’ve continued to update the Two Coats Twitter feed and post images at @ Grattan and O, my Tumblr journal. Here are a number of links, images, job postings, and more that might interest readers, who, according to my stat reports, seem to be vacationing all over the world. (NOTE: For those unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed.)

New bike shop opened TODAY in Bushwick,just around the corner from my studio! 😀
FYI, I do HAVE IT ALL. Just sayin. In case anyone was wondering. But does that simply mean I’m not ambitious enough? http://bit.ly/NAstqO
And @RealArtWays is looking for a Visual Arts Manager http://www.realartways.org/opportunities.htm / (Save the date: My show at RAW opens SEPTEMBER 20)
The Big Black Hole of Time Suck: Exploring all the Brooklyn artists who registered for Brooklyn Museum’s Go open studios, September 8 and 9 / Yes, I registered, so save the date and stop by Two Coats HQ to say hello.
Call for proposals at ARTSPACE New Haven (readymade culture, daily environment, etc. Includes HONORARIUM) http://bit.ly/NIXn1i

 Goethe’s Colour Triangle 

Contemplating Goethe’s Theory of Colours, online courtesy of Google Books! http://bit.ly/MJmYTk 
Brutal! RT @LMagArt: Einstein’s list of demands to his wife: http://bit.ly/IJQogs
Yeah-color! That’s what I’m talkin about RT @Pocketopia: Pocket Utopia: “Lyrical Color” Wed. July 25, 6-8pm

Wow–riding my new bike around DC, I just ran into Simon Draper who’s putting up a couple Habitat for Artist sheds outside the Corcoran. Remember when I spent the summer working in one of his shacks in Beacon, NY, and made a book about it? 
Amzing image at top: 1976 beach structure designed by German engineer Ulrich M�ther and architect Dietrich Otto, in Binz, on the German island of R�gen. (via Bedsearcher)


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