A big THANK YOU to our June sponsors

I would like to take a brief moment to thank this month�s sponsors.
These are the organizations and companies that keep Two Coats of Paint publishing, so be
sure to check them out! 

Featured Advertisers

  • Brooklyn Museum GO
    is a community � curated open studio project. Artists across Brooklyn
    will open their studio doors, so that you can decide who will be
    featured in a group show at the Brooklyn Museum.
  • Parrish Museum – The Parrish Road Show
    is  an off-site creative summer series that will feature artists�
    projects and related programs that will be sited in atypical public
  • Art Southampton � The Premiere International Contemporary & Modern Art Fair in the Hamptons, July 26-30
  • Saatchi Online � Online gallery that connects artists and art lovers directly
  • International Center of Photography
    – The ICP-Bard Program in Advanced Photographic Studies offers a
    curriculum of professional and studio practice, critical study, and
    Resident Artist Projects.
  • MassArt – Art
    New England Summer Workshops in Bennington, Vermont provide an
    opportunity to immerse yourself in your art without the interruptions
    and responsibilities of daily life. Workshops start July 15.
  • Danube University � Leonardo Scholarship – Danube University offers Leonardo Scholarship for Media Art Histories
  • Corey Helford Gallery – Motion: The Art of Movement, a major group exhibition open through June 30

Network Sponsors

If you are interested in advertising on Two Coats of Paint, please get in touch with Nectar Ads, the Art Ad Network.

Image: Dolphins frolicking on Bushwick rooftops during Bushwick Open Studios. Read about the Two Coats of Paint BOS2012 exhibition, “INQUIRY curated by Austin Thomas,” on the Nectar Ads blog.


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