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I just received an email with a long listing of artist opportunities, so I thought I’d share a few. When I see residencies like this posted, I think of the thousands of artists who aren’t selected each year. Keep in mind that artists can expand opportunities by creating their own small residencies and inviting friends. Remember Camp Pocket U? Many organizations (such as Smack Mellon) started as small, half-assed, artist-run programs that have grown into formidable grant-funded non-profits.

NARS International Artist Residency Program

provides national and international artists with the opportunity to produce new work while engaging with the vibrant arts community in New York City. Artists-in-residence have access to an individual studio space and various professional development programs. Residents have an opportunity to share and present their work through artist talks, workshops, and lectures and receive studio visits by prominent New York City curators, critics and gallerists.

The NARS Foundation seeks applications on two levels. The first level includes emerging and mid-career artists, for whom appointments as residents may make a significant impact on their careers. The second level consists of artists with established national and/or international reputations for whom a change of environment may offer refreshment and inspiration. 

Deadline April 6, 2012
Application fee: $35

 Exhibition at the NARS Foundation gallery.

The Keyholder Residency Program – Lower East Side Printshop, NYC

/ Now accepting submissions
Deadline: March 1, 2012
Application fee: None

The Keyholder Residency Program offers emerging artists free 24-hour access to printmaking facilities to develop new work and foster their artistic careers. Residencies are one year long, starting on April 1, 2012, and take place in the Printshop�s shared Artists� Studio. Facilities are available for intaglio, relief, monoprint, waterbased silkscreen, digital processes, and other techniques. Artists currently without a studio space are encouraged to apply. $1000 stipend. For a list of current artists in residence click here.

Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridge, UK) invited Berlin based artists Folke K�bberling and
Martin Kaltwasser to create an �amphitheatre� on Wysing�s rural site,
working with a team of volunteers and using only discarded, found and
recycled materials. WAC is accepting applications for six-week residencies through February 17.

Teaching Opportunity:


Bergen National Academy of the Arts is one of two national institutions
vested with a special responsibility for higher education in the field
of Art and Design in Norway. KHiB has a vacancy for a professor in painting for a fixed
term of six years. “We are searching for a Professor with
extensive experience in the field of painting with ambitions to expand
and test the limits of what artistic practice can be, with an interest
in, and a critically inquisitive mind towards, other forms of artistic
expression and possible linkages between them. Applicants should have
extensive practical experience, a strongly contextualised practice and a
theoretical understanding of the artistic field including its
historical, esthetic, social and political development and context….” Read more.

Look for more artist opportunities at Re-Title.

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  1. we have a place in southern vermont where a diy residency would be ideal. this idea has been percolating in my head and when i read this post and you noted camp pocket u and smack mellon the idea roared back i'm at a mindblock as to how to structure it and would love to brainstorm … if you'd be available

  2. Great idea. An artist I know started a residency at her house in Hawaii because she felt isolated. She had room for five artists (I think) and each had a bedroom and work space. We were on our own for breakfast and lunch, but a neighbor cooked dinner for the group every night. The fee was $22 dollars a day, which went to food and maintenance.

  3. Laelia–
    You should try it this summer for a week and see how it goes. Great idea.

  4. i'm game … just need a springboard idea to structure it around. once the concept enters my head i can usually expand it

  5. I just did one at Crow's Shadow in Pendleton, Oregon…. it was wonderful. Printmaking with a master printer. There are more to be had too….

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