Quick study: Psychedelic edition

� Ken Johnson, NY Times art critic and author of Are You Experienced: How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art, gushes over Terry Winters new paintings, calling them “psychedelically thrilling.”

Terry Winters, Notebook 5, 2003-2011, collage, 11 x 8 1/2 inches

 � Terri Ciccone
reviews “What I Know,” in Bushwick Daily. “What we know, or can take from the show, is
these great works are being thought of and created, and don�t just exist
in a Bushwick vacuum. The show is unapologetic in being simply a
massive collection of great, solid pieces. And because of that, there
was a different feeling in the air in Chelsea that evening. A shift, a
change, a quake could be felt in the art world.” (Note: I have a small painting in the show!)

 Joyce Robbins: “I am searching in the area between volumetric sculpture and flat painting – and so currently my work is deeply involved in low-relief.”

 � Joyce Robbins is having a show at John Davis! And he has a new website! The exhibition isn’t posted on online yet, but save the date–the opening is March 1.

� Help fund my pal Timothy Nolan‘s project, Restack, at USA Projects. An talented artist, Tim has volunteered to help me organize the 2013 edition of ARTExchange at CAA. Happily, next year the conference is February 13-16 in New York. I’m proposing a panel on painting.

� Artist An Xiao is covering the College Art Association Conference for Hyperallergic. Here’s her first report.

 � Looking forward to seeing: Eve Aschheim’s new paintings at Lori Bookstein, New York, NY. Through March 24, 2012


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  1. I love this. I see so many things in it. I see flower, trees,bugs, all sorts of things. I really enjoy looking at this because of all the colors. Using the colors gives it a bright warm feel, but them on the other hand the black tree looking things in the middle give off a darm mystical feel. The bright and the black are godd contrast to eachother.

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