Drink, Draw, Discuss in DC

UPDATE (February 29, 2012):  At 4pm on Saturday, March 3, Austin Thomas will wrap up her exhibition and salon series with a talk about her work. See you there!

This Friday, February 10th, at 5 pm,  Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Austin Thomas and I will talk about making art, blogging, and how the two activities intersect. If you are in the DC area, or feel like taking a field trip, please join us. The discussion is part of a series of salon-style events that Austin has organized in conjunction with her exhibition at Heiner
Contemporary in Washington, DC.

I’ll discuss the relationship between this blog, my art practice, and the coincident occurrences, connecting
principles, parallelism, and loveitivity that occur between Austin
Thomas’s work and my own. Karina is planning to introduce her project, “La Ruta Del Sol,”
in which she uses vacation blogs to explore online representations of “exotic”
landscapes, specifically vacation blogs written about Ecuador’s La Ruta
del Sol. Her project includes a series of cyanotypes and performative

The view from Austin Thomas’s desk installation at Heiner Contemporary. The framed photo is a rendering of “Plaza Perch,” the public art project she’s working on for the Moore Street Market in Bushwick. That’s Austin in the background, 

On Saturday, Heiner is also hosting “Drink and Draw with Julie Torres,” an afternoon of collaborative drawing with the well known Brooklyn-based performance painter.

Austin Thomas: Studies,� Heiner Contemporary, 1675 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Through March 3, 2012.


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  1. For those of us who are not in the area how about having this on video and posting?


  2. Bruce–I'll suggest it. Not sure if Heiner has the equipment, but we'll see. –Sharon

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