Video: Studying with Hans Hofmann in Provincetown

In preparation for “The Tides of Provincetown: Pivotal Years in America�s Oldest Continuous Art Colony 1899-2011” The New Britain Museum compiled a link list of online interactives and research materials. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to take classes with legendary art teacher Hans Hofmann in Provincetown, check out this video which was included on their list. I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibition, which focuses on Provincetown’s legacy as an art colony and includes over 100 artists from Charles W. Hawthorne’s founding of the Cape Cod School of Art in 1899 to the present day. Apparently it’s the most comprehensive survey of the art colony completed in over 40 years. I’ll put up a list of participating artists shortly.

Reviewed in The Boston Globe.

The Tides of Provincetown: Pivotal Years in America’s Oldest Continuous Art Colony 1899-2011,” The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT. Through Oct. 16, 2011,

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