Art Guerra: Pigment dispersion + binder + other stuff = an alternate universe

 Art Guerra at Sugar, installation view.

In Bushwick last week, I stopped by Sugar to see Art Guerra’s paintings. Guerra is the founder of Guerra Paint and Pigment in the East Village, which, as far as I’m concerned, is the best place for acrylic pigments and binders anywhere. I love the credo posted on their website: Pigment Dispersion + Binder = Paint, Paint + Thickener #1 = Very Thick Paint. In the studio, Guerra likes to experiment, using the brightest, rarest, most colorfast pigments, innovative binders and additives to create wild, glittery abstract paintings piled thick with gobs of beads, tire rubber and paint. Looking into the paintings is like staring into the cosmos. Images can’t do the work justice–you have to take a ride out to Bushwick before the show closes in early August. Also on view are Scott Espeseth‘s small, meticulous, pencil drawings which fuse whimsy with failure and disappointment.

Art Guerra, “Untitled (Blue Hyacinth); canvas, acrylic, urethane, glass beads, tire rubber, interference and magic effect pigments, pigment dispersions; 84″ x 64”

Art Guerra, “Untitled (Blue Hyacinth), detail.

“The Plot Thickens: Art Guerra and Scott Espeseth,” Sugar, Brooklyn, NY. Through August 6, 2011.


  1. I found a painting from 1972 , I think that it may be one of Art’s. Is there any way to see if it is his and if it may be worth something . I also think that it has some copper in the paint because its turning greenish like a penny. its quite big and heavy . i know that he liked to play with different pigments and texture. Thanks for any help in this matter . i can send you pictures if you need me to.

    Julie Doty

  2. A kind individual. His name was Art. He encouraged art. And he made different products available for artists that he did not see available elsewhere (beads, effects, dispersions, binders, additives, a whole array of items). Thank you for the wonderful paints. A great investment for any fine artist.

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