Seeing silver

At Martos Gallery: Davina Semo, “THEIR NOSTRILS SNIFF THE ORGY BEHIND THE WALL OF FLAME AND STEEL,” 2011, spray paint on safety glass, reinforced concrete, 36 x 36″

In a recent New York Mag review about Mark Grotjahn‘s show at Anton Kern, Jerry Saltz admired the paintings for what they are not. “Unlike much art of the past decade, Grotjahn isn�t simply working from a prescribed checklist of academically acceptable, curator-approved isms and twists. His palette isn�t only the voguish trio black, white, and silver….” When I first read the review, I was helping another artist come up with some ideas for silver-themed projects, and I, too, had recently cracked open a can of silver Krylon for some new paintings on raw linen.

One of my new paintings in the studio, “Three-Sided Cage,” 2011, Krylon metallic on linen, 72″ x 65″

Who hasn�t been tempted to grab a can and instantly turn everything metallic? Who hasn�t wanted to unwind a roll of silver duct tape and just cover stuff with it? Who hasn�t been drawn to metal chain for all the symbolism it embodies? When Peter Schjeldahl noted that �silver is everywhere and nowhere� in Pollock�s revolutionary drip paintings, he fastened on to the color�s magical versatility.

InWe Regret To Inform You There is Currently No Space Or Place For Abstract Painting,” a delightful group show at Martos Gallery on display through June 18, several of the artists also understand how compelling metallic can be.

Daniel Turner, “Untitled 5250,” 5/5/2011, encased tar, vinyl, wood, 17 x 15 x 3″

Jules de Balincourt, “We Regret To Inform You There Is Currently No Space Or Place For Abstract Painting,” 2004, oil, enamel and spray paint on board, 10.25 x 12.75″
 Clare Woods, “Untitled,” 1999, enamel on wood, 12 x 12″

 Installation view with Nathaniel Robinson, Sarah Crowner, Jim Lambie

 Wayne Gonzales, “Grey Pentagon,” 2005, acrylic on canvas, 92 x 92″

We Regret To Inform You There Is Currently No Space Or Place For Abstract Painting,” Martos Gallery, New York, NY. Through June 18, 2011. Artists include Jules de Balincourt, Lisa Beck, Sarah Crowner, Wayne Gonzales, Tony Just, Alex Kwartler, Jim Lambie, David Malek, Chris Martin, John Miller, Curtis Mitchell, Olivier Mosset, Nathaniel Robinson, Eva Rothschild, Ben Schumacher, Anja Schw�rer, Davina Semo, Lincoln Tobier, Daniel Turner, Nick Van Zanten, Clare Woods

Mark Grotjahn Nine Faces,” Anton Kern, New York, NY. Through June 25, 2011. Installation view.

Stay tuned for Part II: More artists who use metallics.

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  1. this is a really beautiful post.
    by the way… your painting…. I am in loved with that.

  2. I'm partial to gold myself.

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