Talking walls at The Painting Center

Another excellent exhibition curated by Stephen Maine, “Wall Works” is on display at The Painting Center through May 21. Maine invited Rob Nadeau, Morgan O�Hara, Nancy Olivier, Jim Osman, Gary Petersen, Steel Stillman and Dannielle Tegeder to each make a wall painting or installation for the show. Here are videos of the artists installing their projects and talking about their work.

Installation Video, Part I

Installation Video, Part 2

 Different approaches to stacking, leaning, propping: Rob Nadeau is casual and offhand in the back room.
Dannielle Tegeder is organized and carefully considered in the front.

Maine writes about the history of painted walls: “For much of its history, the activity of painting was enacted on the wall. From the chambers at Knossos to the villas and municipal structures of Rome, from medieval and Renaissance ecclesiastical architecture to Baroque courts and palaces the mural was a primary vehicle for pictorial space, the wall the substrate of choice for public-scale allegorical figuration both secular and sacred. The tradition continued with vigor through the 20th century in the work of the great Mexican painters and the American artists employed under the Works Progress Administration. Recent and current practitioners such as Sol LeWitt, David Tremlett and Richard Wright have developed non-figurative, non-narrative approaches.”

Wall Works,” curated by Stephen Maine. The Painting Center, New York, NY. Through May 21, 2011. Panel discussion tonight–starts in ten minutes!

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  1. Enjoyed the panel discussion last night and these videos are another great way into the works.

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