Brenda Zlamany’s men

Brenda Zlamany, Portrait #48, (Leonardo Drew),  detail, 2000.

An image of friend Brenda Zlamany’s painting of artist Leonardo Drew is included in �The Great American (Male) Nude� an article by Lilly Wei in this month�s ARTnews. “New York�based artist Brenda Zlamany, who began painting portraits of men in 1991 and still focuses primarily on them, says she has been criticized for her preference. ‘The penis is the last �sacred cow, the last taboo. People tend to get stuck on one thing with male nudes�the penis�and they can�t get beyond it,’ she says. ‘I made a full-length portrait of artist Leonardo Drew in the nude and I�ve never been able to show it. It�s too confrontational, too explosive. I have been told by certain galleries and collectors that no one really wants male nudes, but I think there are more of them around than we know about.� Check out Zlamany’s series of male artists’ portraits that include James Sienna, Alex Katz, David Humphrey and others.

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  1. I agree with Brenda. The penis is one of the last taboos. Hopefully we'll get over that in both art and life in general.

  2. I think the only reason the penis is controversial is because so many men still suffer from the envy of wanting a bigger package. lol

    I saw that thing coming toward me I'd run. lol Bigger is not always better. Sometimes it can be damn scary. LOL

  3. The problem here is not the cock. It is that this cock is big and black.
    Cherubins have their cock out in museum since ages.

  4. Oh My God what a Beautiful Man, Thank you for sharing!

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