Casting call for second season of "Work of Art"

Striking a Mod Squad pose: “Work of Art” season one finalists Abdi Farah, Peregrine Honig and Miles Mendenhall.

This afternoon I was researching “Work of Art” for a Brooklyn Rail article (Is there anything left to say that hasn’t already been said? Hell yes!) and stumbled upon a casting call for a new season. Note that they want “voices that believe in their art and want the world to know who they are and what they can do,” so no thoughtful introverts or doubting Post-Modernists need apply.

Here’s the pitch at Bravo’s casting website:

Are you an emerging or mid-career artist with a unique, powerful voice interested in competing on a future season of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist? We want contemporary artists. Your medium could be one of many (or several of many) – painting, sculpture, installation, photography, mixed-media – we want voices that believe in their art and want the world to know who they are and what they can do. Please send your name, e-mail address and phone number to cableartcasting@gmail.com.

POSTSCRIPT: Am I the only one who thinks Abdi’s sculptures were meant to be wall pieces but ended up on the floor because they are too fragile to hang? Or who thinks the fact that Miles lives with his parents rather than a bunch of art dudes in an industrial loft in a semi-dangerous part of town is seriously disappointing?


  1. Wait. Is this legit? The email sounds a little fishy. Shouldn't it be a Bravo address or something like that?

    Maybe I'm just suspicious of everything.

  2. oh wait, never mind – just saw that the link you set it to is a bravo.tv link. i think i just really wanted it to be fake!! 🙂

  3. Amy–This was posted on Bravo's casting web site. http://www.bravotv.com/casting

  4. somewhat disappointed.

    I will always refer to Miles' work as Teletubbies art.

  5. I got the impression Miles doesn't live at home but in his own place in town.

  6. Yeah, I don't think he does live with his parents. Someone made a comment saying as much on AFC a while back.

  7. Even so, still disappointed that his parents are his significant other.

  8. If Abdi's sculptures were put on a wall, they would look even more like Ahearns…

  9. I really like watching this show! I think since I watched the first season, I learned how to paint better using multiple coats of paint to make it look better!

  10. what wrong with living with your parents? Maybe american culture needs to have a more reciprocal relationship with their parents. are your parents in a nursing home already? Im sure they will be with that audited. maybe his parents house has a big garage and it allows him space to work. maybe he cant deal with living with a "bunch of dudes." That could be too distracting to an artist.

    I am an artist living with my mother and little brother and you know what…I am proud of it. I love them and i have lived all over the world. Sometimes your family needs you and if you want to try to create a stigma against loving your parents thats your issue.

    Fuck you asshole. Miles is a pimp

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