Michael Jackson’s favorite painter: David Nordahl

David Nordahl, “Geronimo Waiting For the Dawn,” 2007. 36″ x 46″ oil on canvas. According to Artnet, this painting sold for $46,000 at the 2009 Coeur D’Alene Art Auction.

In February 1988 Michael Jackson called Santa Fe artist David Nordahl to inquire about painting lessons. Apparently, while visiting Steven Spielberg, Jackson had seen Nordahl’s painting of Army troops invading an Apache camp as a young corporal shielded two Indian children. ABC News reports that their long conversation sparked a close friendship and working partnership. From 1988 to 2005, Nordahl, known for his paintings of the old west, completed thousands of drawings and roughly a dozen epic commissions, seven of which were among the 2,000 Jackson items in Julien’s authorized auction, which the singer sued to stop last spring. The paintings illustrate Jackson’s grandiose fantasies and fairy-tale worldview.

David Nordahl, study for “Field of Dreams.”


  1. You'll feel better after you puke.

  2. That painting of Michael Jackson looks uncannily like Chinese propaganda art from the Mao era!

  3. Thank you, Sharon Butler, for this glimpse of two geniuses. For the haters on this blog, may God have mercy on your souls, for as you judge others, so you will be judged. I despair both at the many instances of lack of compassion and empathy and people's willingness to believe the worst about this most luminous of artists–Michael Jackson. The world lost a bright light when it hired mainstream media–which most people tend to believe–to search and destroy Michael Jackson. For those who love Michael and have always loved him, please visit Yahoo Groups for "Vindication Better Than Tributes" and join us as we fight back against media slime that, as we know now, crushed the spirit of someone who didn't deserve it.

  4. "Joanne Mattera said…
    You'll feel better after you puke."

    It's too bad you have nothing better to do with your life you sad evil tactless person! I truly hope that you have no family or children or close friends so as to not influence anyone with your negative shit.

  5. David Nordahl is a genius, his paintings of Michael Jackson are amazing. i really hope that they will be made available in poster form for those of us that admire both Michael, and David's work. Thank You so much for this article.

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