Joanne Mattera’s summer studio visits

Richard Bottwin

Joanne Mattera went on studio visits this summer, and today she posts the first segment of her report. The artists she visited include Richard Bottwin, Grace DeGennaro, and, well, me. “One of the pleasures of being an artist is looking, constantly looking, at art. One of the frustrations of being an artist who blogs is that there’s never enough time and space to blog about everything I’ve seen. But I do want to show you as much as possible of what I’ve been seeing this summer, so I’m putting together a few roundup posts under the rubric of ‘What I Saw This Summer.’ It’s an ongoing project that will encompass studios as far southwest as Dalton, Pennsylvania; as far northeast as Brunswick, Maine; and straight up the Northway all the way to Montreal.” Check out Part One here.

Upodate: Part Two includes Rose Olson, Jacqueline Ott, Kate Beck. Read Part Two here.

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  1. Hi, Sharon–
    Thanks not only for posting this but for updating and linking. This is much appreciated. I'll continue to post "What I Saw This Summer" at least once a week through September. Much more good stuff coming.

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