In honor of fathers who like to make things

Here’s an image of a nail organizer my father made, probably forty years ago, out of a wooden crate, ten cigar boxes, and a handful of nails. He died a few years back, but objects like this, at once utilitarian and poetically off-kilter, embody his idiosyncratic spirit.

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  1. How beautiful! Thank you for posting this, for those of us who miss our fathers, and remember the imprint their personal creativity left on our lives.

  2. This photo brought back happy memories. My Dutch grandfather (much older than your father I'm sure) had rigged the same sort of organizer for the doodads on his workbench in their little Michigan basement. We loved taking the rings from his cigar and sticking them onto the cigar boxes until they were completely covered. Today when I smell cigar smoke I think of him, inhale and smile!

  3. Looks great. It seems like it has a story to tell.

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